Permanent Recruitment

At Soulbook, our strategy to search for candidates as per your requirements is very simple. First, we connect with you to understand your needs effectively and if you are not sure about your requirements Soulbook will help you to develop one. Then, we quickly search our database to interview best out of it. We do screening from small scale to large scale and after that we will send candidates to you.

What makes us unique?

Our Team has more then 15 years of IT industry experience and what kind of candidates generally companies are seeking for. Our recruitment consultants have approx. 10 years of experience in recruitment industry. We don’t charge until we fill your vacant position with suitable candidate.

Temporary Recruitment

At Soulbook, we can help with short term engagement. We first gather your needs and according to that we will provide you best solution which will fit suitably to your vacant chair. We believe in making long term relationships with our clients for that we must provide you quality results.

Contract Recruitment

We follow the same process what we do to filter the candidates in permanent recruitment. Contracted candidates are placed as a full-time employee with fixed end date. Contract recruitment will provide you freedom to select candidate with quality niche skills to complete your deadline driven assignments.

Are you looking for a skilled and experienced team committed to your success? Tell us a little bit about your project and one of our representatives will contact you shortly!